Hear the Advantages of Preplanning

People talk about many things with their loved ones: from day-to-day details to big events. Sharing stories with those who matter most isn't just important today; it will be especially significant when it's time to commemorate a life. We are proud to announce our participation in Have the Talk of a LifetimeSM, a national effort to encourage families to have conversations about life and what matters most. These discussions can help families make important decisions about how they wish to remember and honor the lives of their loved ones.

Through meaningful memorialization - that is, taking time to reflect on the unique life of a loved one and remember the difference they made - families and friends take an important step in the journey toward healing after death.

Individuals and their families have more options than even before for memorializing their loved one at the end of life. From simple to very elaborate, there are a variety of ways a family can honor their loved one in a personal and meaningful way.

Memorialization is so much more than it used to be and it can reflect a person's life story - their values, interests and experiences - and be transformative, healing and comforting. Meaningful memorialization starts when loved ones talk about what matters most: memories made, lessons learned and how they hope to be remembered.

For more information on having the Talk of a Lifetime, click here.

Preplanning your funeral is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your family. The loved ones you leave behind will have to face a lot of decisions about your funeral. We can help you make the necessary arrangements now, so that when the time comes, your family is secure in the knowledge they're doing what you would have wanted.

Steps in the prearranging process:

     1. Gathering personal and service information

This can be done by filling out the pre-arrangement form online or you can call our funeral home to receive a free funeral planning guide. You can also call to set up an appointment with us to gather this information.
     2. Selecting Services and Merchandise
We will guide you in selecting the services and merchandise that best fits your needs.
     3. Prepayment options
Prepaying for your funeral eliminates financial worries for your family. There are several funding methods that we can help you find which one works best for you. For a list of different prepayment options, click here.

One of the benefits of prearranging is that these important decisions can be made with your family in the absence of grief. We can also meet with you in the comfort of your own home or at the funeral home, whichever is more convenient.

For more information on prearranging, please call 605-665-3644.

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